Ellington's "Come Sunday" reinterpreted by Denise Young as an anthem for healing

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Inspired by Dr. King's words, and seeking to promote healing during tumultuous times, Denise Young has released the first single from her upcoming album Denise Young, Soprano, a reinterpretation of the Duke Ellington classic, "Come Sunday." Accompanied by the virtuosic piano of Daric V. Jackson, the album was produced, recorded and mixed by Patti Cathcart Andress and Tuck Andress, better known as Tuck and Patti. The single is available on iTunes.

Young's scintillating, smoky soprano offers an anthem that invokes the passion and pathos of great singers like Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington and Cassandra Wilson. The poignant lyrics "God of love, Please look down and see my people through. I believe God is now, was then and always will be" are meant to inspire and unify, just as they did when Ellington penned them during the days of Jim Crow.

Of the debut single, Young says, "I am thrilled to share with you "Come Sunday," from my forthcoming album Denise Young, Soprano. I chose to release this song on Dr. King's birthday. For me it is a hopeful and healing reminder of Dr. King's quote, "I have decided to stick to love; hate is too big a burden to bear." The response to the MLK Day release was overwhelming, with Apple selecting it for their "On the Corner," a playlist of the best of Jazz.


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